so, i feel there's a lot of roles i’ve taken on… father… business person… speaker… entrepreneur .. parent… husband… money manager… cheerleader... this list never ends. but the role that I really struggle with, and I don't know how to do...or forgotten how to do… is just
“I have a couple companies interested in my help as an advisor. I've taken on one opportunity in exchange for equity. But I'm totally winging it! Where…
the bubble-thin illusion of social Listen now | why are we even on LinkedIn? TikTok? IG?
every day is a new day... whether i like it or not (and never boring)
the icks of growth Listen now (2 min) | meet bizarro aaron
second guessing yourself/myselfWatch now (1 min) | i second myself all the time...
is there a thing of too much information?
you have to work! …do you?Listen now (3 min) | no, you don't have to work nor go need to work
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