find ways to grow and achieve your important goals using forcing functions

commit before you're ready

Dec 2, 2022

so, i’ve been practicing forcing functions for years. it helped me write my books. and most times, we have to commit before we’re ready.

you’re likely thinking… what is forcing function?

to me, forcing functions is when you commit to something important, and you do it in a way that will burn your bridges. which means you have to do it.

there are important things that you want to do or achieve in life. but kids or your career has held you back. likely, you’re constantly delaying it (and for good reasons too).

that’s where adding a forcing function can help.

think or create an event that will help you commit.

some examples of forcing functions are:

  • declaring out loud: “next Tuesday, I will post a blog.”

  • setting up a buddy system; “every week String and i create content together”.

  • going to weekly karate or yoga classes.

  • you raised funds, now that you’ve taken someone’s money. you have to grow the business or make drastic changes to the business.

  • want to become fitter? sign up for a marathon.

  • using time block, 3x per week, in your calendar to prospect.

  • even, block out time for yourself.

use ‘events’ or ‘deadlines’ to make you commit and make it happen.

i found an older interview where I went on a deep dive about how you can apply the formula of ‘forcing functions’ into your life.

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