Selling is a valuable life skill for anyone in a big company or as an entrepreneur.

From life to selling

Dec 6, 2022

Aaron was in Brazil for one of his keynotes. While enjoying the sun, he jumped on PrimoCast’s host, Thiago Nigro. The podcast series has over half a million subscribers. No matter where we are in the world or what language we speak. We all face similar challenges regarding our sales, business, or personal life.

In the video clip above, Thiago asks Aaron what’s more challenging: raising 10 kids or learning the art of selling:

Aaron shares:

“whether it's a big or small family to force someone to light a fire under their butt, including mine, to make more money, to learn to sell, or to take it to the next level.”

so I would say that selling isn't hard to learn. It's hard to master and you never master it.. It’s a life skill anyone could use (and learn). Whether you want to be in sales, be an entrepreneur, or even start a nonprofit.

Selling is a life skill.

Also, you can…

See the full interview with PrimoCast below:

Read or click on the timestamps to listen in

10:13 Aaron shares his thoughts about books with PrimoCast’s host, Thiago Nigro, about what books Sales leaders and C-Levels should read.

11:34 Thiago Nigro (TN) from PrimoCast: Which one is the most challenging path; learning how to sell or learning how to manage a family of 10 kids and a wife?

  • Aaron: Selling isn’t hard to learn; it’s hard to master

13:40 TN: What does it takes to be a master of the sales field?

  • Aaron: I can only speak for myself for me. I started with starting at the very bottom. I even started a company and raised a few million in VC funding. But that company failed. Initially, I didn’t know how to build a sales team. I [naturally] noticed that entrepreneurs could sell themselves to get a company started. I ended up learning the roles of selling and how it worked.

16:14 TN: How did you manage to create a successful sales model?

  • Aaron: I went to work to learn. Like, get a job to learn and make some money.

18:44 TN: Do you always believe in yourself or do you feel like you’re constantly improving?

  • Aaron: I'm always improving.

20:17 TN: What is the first step a new company should take to be a good business? A good sales team, a good sales model, or good KPIs?

  • Aaron: It's all about the people; start with the people.

21:30 TN: What is an ideal good fit for someone to be in Sales?

  • Aaron: If you not learning from them, you feel like you have to teach them something that’s a problem

24:35 TN: What do you think defines an ideal client?

  • Aaron: Character comes from either direction (and Aaron shares two models of clients)

28:08 TN: What is the best sales model to implement in a company?

  • Aaron: It depends on the person

30:00 TN: Is there a wrong [sales] model for a company?

  • Aaron: Business companies that have more product type

35:42 TN: What’s the difference between cold calling 1.0 vs. cold calling 2.0?

Aaron: I did some cold calling before…

41:36 TN: If a solution does not resolve the problem, how can we improve a little?

  • Aaron: Don’t have a single answer but got some ideas. I do some things that do work

49:43 TN: How do you feel more inspired?

  • Aaron: Very inspired by things; it comes and goes, but I am:

-Inspired to write the predictable revenue book

-Get inspired at different times and do a blog post 

-Smart emotional for executive energy

55:12 TN: How do you feel spiritually? Do you believe in something?

  • Aaron: Life is a simulation. Become a spirit that temporarily looks down on life, and every time it’s different

1:07:27 TN: What about B2C? What do you think is a better model?

  • Aaron: B2C It’s a lot easier for people to buy things, especially courses and things they want to learn, than it is for them to complete them

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