the bad news:

the world’s getting more confusing and stressful for executives. figuring out ‘go to market’ and leading teams who are themselves stressed, finding trusted people and partners in an ocean of misinformation… it’s a heavy mental load.

executives are exhausted. i hear this, see this, all day long. and feel it - i was a zombie father & entrepreneur the past couple of years. and i still have my zombie days…

there’s an energy pandemic, an emotional pandemic, going on. it’s affecting everyone, but executives are linchpins. execs’ state (whether excited or stressed) ripples across their teams and customers.

our world of unlimited opportunity and remote work (exciting!) also means information overload, choice paralysis and blurred personal boundaries (ugh).

dehumanization is speeding up , especially at fast-growth companies. yes - my own predictable sales systems are partly to blame.

the good news:

there’s never been a better time to recreate yourself and your work or business. navigating this opportunity should feel confusing, uncertain and risky. that means you’re on the right track, because comfort is the enemy of growth.

so how do leaders refocus, re-energize and

i have a weirdly wonderful life, even if many days feel like…

…and a family of 9 kids (from all kinds of sources). we actually don’t have ONE picture with everyone in it. but this is close enough:

and then there’s money of course… the best place to start if you want to grow your business (rated the #1 SaaS book)…

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