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dealing with money challenges

dealing with money challenges

having a big family and multiple businesses, it gives you a diff perspective

so… after dealing with money opportunities and challenges with a big family and multiple businesses (my own and others) for more than a decade, i’ve learned SO MUCH.  

the most important bit? financial abundance vs. financial confidence.

15+ years ago, i wanted financial abundance?  aka-

 “i want enough money in the bank or coming in so i can do what i want and not have to worry about money…”

but what i needed was financial confidence.

it comes from dealing with a tremendous variety of challenging situations across…well, everything and anything. no matter what $ situation comes up at work or at home.  so whatever comes up; i’ll be able to meet it head on. 

how would you become an amazingly confident guitar player who could walk up anytime onstage to play / jam / improv?  years or decades of practice and live playing.  same with money.

when you’re mired in money problems or administrivia, and find yourself wishing for more financial abundance to just make those problems go away… 

you’re getting what need (not want): financial confidence.  which comes from YEARS of dealing with this stuff.   

sometimes using money is the worst way to solve a ‘money challenge.’   is the best solution to kids’/teens’ money challenges just giving them more money?   (sometimes yes, usually no.)  parents and investors, ya feel me right?  

our higher selves are no different… they’re not going to drop a bunch of money off just because you put it on a vision board.  whether it comes or not, either way it’s about helping you grow.



speaking about confidence, hair confidence is growing for me

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