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extreme dating, extreme diets, extreme work

extreme dating, extreme diets, extreme work

we grew up world of extreme of working, but that’s changed

so after living outside the USA for almost three years, i look back and think of the states as a nation of extremes. 

it's a nation of extreme wealth, extreme fitness,  extreme dating.  extreme diets, extreme politics, extreme work, extreme anxiety…

(i mean, who am i to talk… anyone for some extreme parenting?)

nothing wrong with extremes.  need ‘em to push limits. 

where we get into trouble is when it becomes a rigid way of living by arbitrary rules.  It becomes “the right way” and any change is “the wrong way.” 

if you’re a self-professed vegan with vegan friends, and you need some bacon… how much courage does it take to eat it in front of your vegan friends???   and be silently - or not-so-silently - judged for it.   (IMHO: just eat the damn bacon)

it’s very easy to fall into the trap of i must live in an extreme way to get the results i want.

we grew up in a society of extreme work.  that served the USA well for a long time.  but the belief that “someone has to work hard all the time” to succeed is only true sometimes. there is SO MUCH judgement against coworkers and kids around ‘how much’ people work.     

but - ‘the grind’ must die.  as in - blindly working hard just to “work hard.”

the world’s changed/ing.  rather than hard workers, we need people who can juggle knowing when to work hard and when to work soft.



here’s a scenic view of Scotland. you can spot my kids’ silhouette.

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