Hi Aaron, good hear these brave words.

Many times I felt like you, until discover (with hard work) who I am. With many roles like you, life balance is challenging. But one crucial thing I discovered. We can´t give what we don´t have. So, the self balance is the first thing I´ve conquer, especially when you have kids. Perfection it not an option and punish ourselves feeling guilt for something just get things worse. I really know what you mean because I felt like this many times and I spent a long time to be able to never, never, lost myself again. When we have a "big heart" like yours, its is hard not feeling guilt for something you fail to get to your kids, wife and other people you love. Take care of you first, get stronger and you´ll be more able to share your love, happiness and whatever. And don´t worry about kids, they will complaint for more and more attention for the whole life! Give them your best version, and do not feel guilt anymore. You are just a man! You are just a human!

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Nov 22, 2021Liked by Aaron Ross

Good luck in the new directions! Turning the corner takes courage! Success always. Best, Jen

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