Aug 13, 2022 • 2M

🍄being weird; exploring emotional smarts

how i deal with imposter syndrome

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Sharing moments, thoughts and gory details along the ups and downs of recreating myself
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so i will often catch myself in this state of mind where:

i have this feeling.
i've got this problem.
i want to do something.
i want to help someone.

then i would go into this loop of second guessing myself:

am i weird?
am i good enough?
am i overthinking this?
is this really a me or a business problem?

sounds familiar?

then i would call out this loop for what it is; it’s imposter syndrome.
by calling it out, we can stop the loop.

you’re not alone. there are millions of people who feel or think the same way. we all go through this state. there’s nothing wrong with the process either, it’s part of the growth process of being human.

have you tried mushrooms before? i’ve also been inspired by my experience with mushrooms, i give myself the permission to be weird. i’d explore my unique thoughts or feelings that ebbs in and out. it’s all about emotional smarts; let your mind wander, no judgement. no second guessing. let the brain do its thing and connect the dots.



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