Aug 25, 2022 • 2M

the offices are evil, the corporates are evil...

but i was told there will be a party 🎉

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so there's been this idea, especially from the younger generation that…

the corporate world is evil 
working in offices are evil
job cubicles are evil

sure, there are lots of shitty environments, and sometimes all these are true.  there is a lot of evil in the corporate world.  and also in every world… non-profits, social media platforms like LinkedIn or Tiktok, and more… wherever there are humans there will be both decent ones and nasty ones.

IMHO a much bigger impact of the pandemic than the health issue is that it freed hundreds of millions+ of people from the 9-5 / 5-day a week mandatory office life.

but now millions of people have had the experience of working from home full-time, and are realizing it CAN be pretty shitty too.    

it’s not better or worse - but ‘what’s right for you’.  And most younger - especially with the rise of loneliness - will get a lot more benefit from working with people in an office than they realize.

It’s only a matter of time before some company starts marketing with a slogan of ”free yourself from the evil ravages of working at home alone!”  LOL



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Before I flew over to Sweden for a keynote, I visited the doc. He used nitrogen to remove and zap a spot.

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