the magic of baby steps
one for a car ride

December 2022

in the middle of a cough-a-geddon
Selling is a valuable life skill for anyone in a big company or as an entrepreneur.Watch now (2 min) | From life to selling
find ways to grow and achieve your important goals using forcing functionsWatch now (2 min) | commit before you're ready

November 2022

It’s okay to step into the unknown, follow your curiosity and see what happens. This is part of experimenting and stepping into the unknown. Aaron: “I…
Europe has an advantage over USA - read and watch today's newsletter

October 2022

extreme dating, extreme diets, extreme work Listen now (2 min) | we grew up world of extreme of working, but that’s changed
Episode 12 video - Mission Impodssible podcast
dealing with money challengesListen now (24 sec) | having a big family and multiple businesses, it gives you a diff perspective
😡 all the answers are (not) within usListen now (59 sec) | sharing my pet peeve with y'all

September 2022

there's more to life than work... what are you doing?Watch now (4 min) | me... i like fantasy books